28 June 2021 - ETH-BSC bridge available

We are glad to announce that SETS tokens are now interoperable on ETH and BSC chains. Tokens can be swapped bi-directionally through a bridge developed thanks to the support of Anyswap/Multichain. This action will enable some additional applications already active on the Binance Smart Chain.

You can now swap SETS between ETH and BSC here 🚀

We recommend our community to operate carefully with the bridge, which was developed by a third party. Sensitrust LTD does not hold any responsibility for lost funds deriving from technical or security issues with third parties. For additional information, please refer to the fee structure applied by Anyswap/Multichain.

27 June 2021 - New SETS Fountain

A new farm has just been launched for Liquidity Providers!

The new Fountain by Gysr.io will provide 100k SETS from Jul 1 and 250k SETS from Aug 1!
⭐️Hold the stake for 90 days to get the max reward! ⭐️

Stake in the Fountain
More information on Fountains

19 May 2021 - AMA Session is coming!

🚀 The AMA session is coming! Today 19 May 2021 at 6 pm (CET)! 🚀

Follow us live on Youtube!

14 May 2021 - CoinMarketCap

Sensitrust (SETS) is now listed on CoinMarketCap!

We are with working with them to refine additional informations!
Stay tuned 🚀

12 May 2021 - AMA with Sensitrust co-founder!

⭐️Announcing an exclusive AMA with a Sensitrust co-founder. Wed 19th May at 6 pm (CET)! ⭐️

Stay tuned for updates!

06 May 2021 - SETS Burning

🔥 5M SETS (~$1,460,000 at the current price) have just been burned! 🔥
See the transaction

05 May 2021 - Founders tokens locked!

Founders tokens (1.5M SETS in total) have been locked for 12 months!
Company tokens will be held out of circulation for now, and possibly used for rewarding liquidity providers or .... to feed the fire! 🔥

Stay Tuned!

05 May 2021 - Credit Cards and Apple Pay

Wanna buy SETS tokens with Credit Cards and Apple Pay?
Just follow few easy steps in this tutorial!

04 May 2021 - CoinPaprika

Sensitrust (SETS) has just been listed on CoinPaprika!

03 May 2021 - Coinmarketcap

Application to CMC officially submitted! Waiting impatiently!

30 April 2021 - SETS on Ledger's Hardware Wallets

Sensitrust Token (SETS) can now be held in Ledger's Hardware Wallets!

28 April 2021 - Burning!

100M out of 200M have already been burned, but additional burn actions are already planned!
Stay tuned!

26 April 2021 - New exchange listings

Sensitrust Token (SETS) has been listed by Tokpie and Bilaxy exchanges!

Tokpie SETS/ETH market: https://tokpie.com/view_exchange/SETS-ETH
Bilaxy SETS/ETH market: https://bilaxy.com/trade/SETS_ETH

08 February 2021 - SETS Geyser

We have just deployed a Geyser that will reward people acting as liquidity providers on UNISWAP! Check out our Geyser status on Gysr and follow our Tutorial!

27 January 2021 - SETS ON UNISWAP

We are glad to inform our community that SETS has been officially listed on UNISWAP!
In the first few minutes, we already observed a 5x on the price!

The ETH/SETS pair is now available on the most popular decentralized exchange! We now give our community the opportunity to act as Liquidity Providers and possibly gain trading fees!

We are also going to launch the SETS GEYSER soon, which will grant rewards to people acting as Liquidity Providers! Our token sale participants will receive a secret email soon that will provide them with the instructions to get early access to it! As promised, we will never forget the support received by our token sale participants, who will always get access to exclusive advantages.



Stay tuned to catch the latest news!

16 January 2021 - Withdraw your SETS tokens!

You can now withdraw the SETS tokens held in your Sensitrust account. Just click on Withdraw below your SETS balance, check the info and proceed with the request!

Just a few additional notes:
- The SETS tokens will be transferred to the ETH wallet specified in your user profile. Once specified, it cannot be edited. Therefore, please pay attention to specify a correct ETH wallet that can safely store your SETS tokens. Since SETS is a standard ERC20 token, any ERC20-compatible wallet should be fine (e.g., Metamask). Do not send SETS to other ETH wallets, managed by exchanges or by other wallet services that do not support custom-specified ERC20 tokens, otherwise they may freeze your tokens.

- Always pay attention to the security of your account. If you have not already enabled the 2-factor authentication (2FA), we strongly encourage to do it now to protect your SETS. We remind that our team will never ask you to send funds to any private wallet and will never ask you your credentials. Be aware of scammers!

- Please be patient while we review, approve and proceed with the actual withdraw of your tokens. We will take charge of all ETH fees to transfer you your SETS tokens, but due to the current congestion of the ETH network, the process may take few days. Please be patient and we apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Stay tuned to capture all the upcoming updates!

15 January 2021 - Sale Stats, Burning & more

First of all, we want to thank all the token sale participants for their contribution to the Sensitrust project. The number of tokens distributed during the sale is around 1M SETS. Even if this amount is under our initial expectations, and it was probably due to the pandemic situation and the generally bad reputation surrounding token sales, we still consider it a good starting point for our project! We are also aware that our KYC/AML policies appear to be more stringent than those adopted by other projects, exchanges, and other crypto-related services online, but we are a real company and need to properly follow all the regulations.

This will not stop us from proceeding with our plans! The Sensitrust platform is already under development, and we hope to release an initial beta version within a few months. Moreover, we are also working on alternative funding options that would bring our company the right energy to speed up the development process, including possible partnerships, VCs, accelerators, and private investors interested in acquiring our company shares.

Finally, we now announce a massive burn initiative of our SETS token: we will burn 50% of the supply within a few days. The remaining unsold tokens will be used by the company for multiple initiatives, including running challenges and funding Geysers to incentivize liquidity providers, but we do not exclude additional burning actions in the near future. Our token sale participants, as well as future holders of our tokens, will therefore benefit from a reduced supply on the market.

In the next 24 hours, you will also receive an additional announcement, containing instructions and indications about how to proceed to transfer your tokens out to external wallets.

Stay tuned to capture all the upcoming updates!

Sensitrust Team

23 December 2020 - 30% Bonus - Last chance!

30% Bonus - Last chance!
The token sale ends on 31st December 2020 - 23.59 (GMT)!
Buy at least 10,000 SETS tokens (€800) and get a 30% bonus on top!
The promo is valid till the end of the token sale!

Don't miss the last chance to buy SETS tokens and get the exclusive advantages reserved for token sale participants, including extra rewards (see our DeFi page)!

21 November 2020 - 30% Bonus - Limited time offer

New exclusive bonus for our token sale participants!
Buy at least €500 worth SETS tokens and get a 30% bonus on top!
Promo expires on 29th November 2020. Don't miss this chance!

16 October 2020 - 30% Bonus - Limited time offer

New exclusive bonus for our token sale participants!
Buy at least €500 worth SETS tokens and get a 30% bonus on top!
Promo expires on 26th October 2020. Don't miss this chance!

15 October 2020 - New Upcoming Promo!

Stay tuned! Less than 24h to a new promo reserved to our token sale participants!

01 September 2020 - MAIN SALE IS LIVE!

We thank the numerous participants to the presale of our project!

We here announce the beginning of the main sale:
Price: € 0.08
Min: €10
Max: €10,000
Max supply for sale: 130M SETS
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, TRX, FIAT
Expected end of sale: 31st December 2020

20 May 2020 - Benefits for Token Sale participants

We want to personally thank people who already bought our SETS tokens in the presale! We are going to build the next-generation platform for Smart Working and you will be part of this!

Moreover... we want to officially answer to a frequent question!

? Why should I participate now, rather than buying tokens on exchanges ?
It is not only a matter of discounted price! Participants to the token sale will have access to exclusive benefits, including the early access to the beta platform and the free access to premium features for few months, depending on the amount of tokens bought during the sale. We will make an official announcement about these benefits soon, so stay tuned!

You can now participate to the presale starting from 50€, using BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX and FIAT. Don't miss the chance to buy SETS tokens at € 0.05 / SETS now! The price will increase to 0.08€ / SETS during the public sale.

02 May 2020 - Join us as an official promoter!

Sensitrust is going to establish a new standard for the remote working environment, exploiting AI and Blockchain technologies!

Are you a promoter, an influencer or do you have a network of collaborators? Contact us to become one of our official promoters and help us to spread the word about our project!

Don't miss the chance to buy now SETS tokens at € 0.05 / SETS while we are in presale phase! This opportunity is not going to come back!