What is Sensitrust?

Sensitrust is a platform where customers and professionals get in touch, make deals and design new projects. Every phase exploits blockchain technologies, managed by Smart Contracts, and supported by Artificial Intelligence.
A Decentralized Job Marketplace

A Decentralized Job Marketplace

Sensitrust will help people to establish and grow a professional network, to easily find providers of products and services of interest, or to design a project that will be realized by experts.
The only limit is your imagination!

Regulated by smart contracts

Regulated by smart contracts

All the operations performed in the platform will be regulated by Smart Contracts: agreements, quality and temporal constraints, checkpoints and revisions will be governed, in a decentralized, immutable, and certified manner.

A place to learn and grow

A place to learn and grow

The professional growth of people is one of our main goals. With Sensitrust, trainees will gain access to learning resources, courses, and opportunities to contribute to real activities and projects. Their effort will be truly recognized and rewarded!

Supported by Artificial Intelligence

Supported by Artificial Intelligence

All the activities within the platform, ranging from the selection of opportunities to the automated revision of products and services, will exploit sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques developed by our team of experts.

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Issues of classical Job Markets

In classical job markets, there are several issues that make the main processes ineffective or inefficient.
We are going to face them through our Blockchain-based platform

Quality of the result

The quality of the result is usually difficult to estimate. Classical approaches based on feedbacks are often flawed by fake comments and reviews.


Time constraints

Almost all the tasks require to be performed within a given time-frame. Assuring that this constraint is respected is nowadays fundamental.


Bureaucratic procedures

Offline and online hiring procedures often require heavy and complex bureaucratic procedures to ensure that the parties fulfill the contract.


Validation of the result

Result validation is often tricky, especially if it takes place among parties that are physically located in different countries.

Risk management

The hiring process is often based on presumed or self-declared skills. This increases the risk of incurring in unexpected costs.



The inclusion of new trainees in an organization often requires high training costs. Moreover, their work is rarely recognized officially.

Seeking for a professional?

Sensitrust will allow you to search for any kind of professionals and service providers from around the world
Passive model Passive model

Hire a professional

Define requirements and constraints of the desired product/service and hire a professional from the Sensitrust catalogue.


Lock the agreed compensation

Allocate the agreed amount, which will be kept locked by a smart contract until the delivery of the product/service.


Evaluate the result

Evaluate the result with the support of a set of expert reviewers. Once approved, the smart contract releases the compensation to the professional.

Seeking for a job opportunity?

Sensitrust will allow you to candidate yourself to participate to call for actions, projects and activities

Participate to a call

Select a call to which you can contribute with your skills and propose yourself to perform an activity.


Negotiate your participation

Find an agreement about the requirements of the product/service that you will provide, as well as of the constraints to be satisfied.


Provide the result and get rewarded

Once you provide the product/service, and after a positive evaluation, you will receive the agreed compensation.

Active model Active model

Call to action

Propose a challenge that suits your needs.
We match the best candidate professionals for you!

sports_mma Propose a challenge

gavel Select a proposal

emoji_events Give away a reward

Accept the challenge! emoji_people

Do your best fitness_center

Be the leader! emoji_flags

Call to Action
Call to Action

Proof of Result

With Sensitrust, there is no way to cheat!
Customers and professionals are protected, through a decentralized consensus model strongly based on the quality of the result

Hard-coded requirements

Requirements and constraints for each commissioned product/service are hard-coded in a smart contract.


Decentralized validation

A team of expert reviewers, together with the customer, provide their feedback to the smart contract.

Consensus model Consensus model

Multiple revisions

Based on the agreements, the product/service can be subject to multiple revisions, until the desired quality is reached.


Compensation handled by the smart contract

The smart contract releases the compensation only if the requirements are satisfied. Otherwise, it is refunded to the customer.

Artificial Intelligence

Sensitrust will heavily rely on Artificial Intelligence techniques to support all the activities in the platform.
Past experiences become knowledge to make smarter choices!
Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

The prediction engine will provide an estimation of the quality of the service possibly provided by the different professionals. The engine will exploit the matching between the professionals' profiles and the requirements.

Specs Recommendation

Specs Recommendation

The engine will provide recommendations in the design of new projects, and in the definition of product requirements. The past experience of similar activities, as well as feedbacks, will be exploited to improve future activities.

Suggestion of Professionals

Suggestion of Professionals

The platform will suggest the most promising professionals for a given activity, on the basis of the matching between specific skills and product requirements, and by exploiting past feedbacks received for real past activities.

Suggestion of Opportunities

Suggestion of Opportunities

The platform will suggest the most promising opportunities for your professional skills, by analyzing the product/service requirements defined by customers.

Automated review of results

Automated review of results

The review engine will support both customers and professionals to evaluate whether the final product/service satisfies the agreed requirements and if all the constraints were satisfied.

Why SETS Tokens?

Sensitrust will offer a series of exclusive features and advantages, that will be accessible through our token at a discounted price

Platform consultant

Get suggestions, improve product and service requirements, and solve disputes through our AI engine and our human experts.


Skill levels

Get the possibility to hire highly-skilled professionals: improve the final quality of your desired product/service.


Guaranteed KPIs

Define both loose and strict requirements for the desired product/service and get them automatically verified.



Get access to all-inclusive packages, that will provide you with a set of useful features and exclusive advantages.


Training resources

Improve your skills! Gain access to exclusive training resources, including online courses, seminars and webinars.


Early workers

Join the platform as a trainee, participate to new activities, grow your professional skills, and get officially recognized.

Token sale participants will benefit from additional advantages:
Early access to the beta platform and free access to premium services during the launch.

Use cases

Although Sensitrust is a general platform, we will develop special features to solve specific issues in some interesting fields
IT use case
smartphone Information Technology

IT companies require to hire qualified personnel to carry out the specific needs of a project. Sometimes, urgent maintenance activities are needed, in terms of actions to solve critical bugs. A crucial aspect is also that of consultancy, provided by experts to solve known and specific problems.

Academy use case
school Academy

Universities and research institutes need international teams to effectively carry out research projects. Moreover, it is often necessary to find specialized reviewers to evaluate articles or research projects. From the teaching perspective, highly-qualified experts are needed to teach specific topics.

Banking use case
account_balance Banking & Trading

Banking institutions need to seek data scientists to monitor, analyze and carry out trading operations. Moreover, they always need to study and develop innovative products and services, or to evolve existing traditional services towards recent technologies, including Blockchain.

Core Team

Gianvito Pio


Computer Science Researcher
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Bari (Italy)

Francesca Prisciandaro


IT consultant &
Full Stack Developer

Roberto Corizzo

Roberto Corizzo


Computer Science Researcher
Dept. of Computer Science
American University, Washington (USA)

Graziella De Martino

Graziella De Martino

GDPR consultant

Dept. of Computer Science
University of Bari (Italy)

Vincenzo Piccolo

Vincenzo Piccolo

Business consultant

AML, Tax and Compliance Advisor